Monday, January 30, 2012

Tanzania editors explore the web

Monday 30, January 2012. The year couldn't have started on a better note. I was among ten other editors to have been picked to attend a MISA Tanzania/VIKES training on the Internet and how it has affected societies.

For the bigger part of the day we have been introduced to a number of websites both known and unknown to me and got to know some of the biggest one them. Our instructors name is Peik Johansson from Finland and I must say its been good so far.

The training runs until Friday and by then I hope to have learnt many new things. Being one who enjoys reading, Project Gutenburg is a Godsend. Much as the Internet is a tool I use everyday, there is still alot that I don't know and I plan to get as much as I get this week and will most definitely share this knowledge with mates and colleagues 

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